10.5 Reasons You Need A Year End Review

Year End Review Page Here For the complete talk, watch the video above. 1. To hear God’s voice … A lot of you are diving deep into God’s Word as you prepare sermons. But what I am talking about hear is the macro-level hearing God’s voice for you personally … and your ministry. At least …

Pastor, Are You Called to Dream?

The hospital you see behind me (in the video above) is the hospital in which I worked for about two years when I was in college. When I worked there I literally did the nastiest jobs there were to do. I was an orderly. Which means that when nobody else wanted to do the job …

9 Lessons Learned Coaching 2,198 Churches on Growth

So you want to grow your church?

You’re certainly not alone.

In fact, to date I have worked with nearly 2,200 churches and pastors on the subject of church growth.

And there are 9 distinct lessons that I’ve learned that are true of pastors who have succeeding in growing their churches.

For a complete rundown, watch the video above.