7 Systems Your Church Can’t Live Without

We often talk about church systems here at MyChurchTraining.com. And for good reasons. Systems are the backbone (and often unseen or otherwise unappreciated) that enables the body of the church to flourish. While there are any number of factors that can diminish a church’s impact or effectiveness, most churches never get out of the dysfunction zone because of a problem with its systems.

10.5 Reasons You Need A Year End Review

Year End Review Page Here For the complete talk, watch the video above. 1. To hear God’s voice … A lot of you are diving deep into God’s Word as you prepare sermons. But what I am talking about hear is the macro-level hearing God’s voice for you personally … and your ministry. At least […]

Growth Versus Spiritual Development

Should your church be about growth? Or spiritual development? I started to name this piece of content:Outcome Vs. Input I often find myself more concerned about the outcomes. Keep in mind, I’m also the behind-the-scenes guy of a program called 24toDouble. We’ve put more than 2,500 churches through a process that helps them double their […]