Pastor, I was in small group about a dozen years ago with a lady named Shelly, a pharmaceutical rep who made a profound statement one day that I’ve never forgotten …

Shelly told the story of how she was at a Taco Bell (or was it Del Taco?) and was waiting for her order of tacos. A guy behind the counter mentioned that there was an unclaimed Chalupa leftover from a meal order that they didn’t completely fulfill.

So Shelly asked the cashier if she could have that Chalupa, for free, added to her order of tacos. Of course they said, “Why not?” Her point was clear, “Always ask for the Chalupa.”

Now the Chalupa is a symbol of anything in our lives that can be claimed just by asking.

And this is a biblical principle after all. James said, “You have not because you ask not.”

Jesus said, “Ask and you shall receive.”

Did you know that you get 0% of the Chalupas that you never ask for?


So Pastor, how does this translate to ministry, and to the burden of growing your church?

Simple. There are at least two areas that I want to make sure you develop a regular habit of asking for.

One is money. It will take financial resources to grow and sustain your church.

The other is help. As in, help to do ministry. Because … you simply can’t do it all.

To see what I mean, watch the video!

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