A while back in Andy Stanley’s first “Be Rich” campaign, he shared a whole list of problems “rich people” have, things like “my grass is dying because the water restrictions won’t let me use my sprinklers”, and “the house I have for my cars isn’t big enough for both my seven-seater SUV’s”. 

One of the ideas that really impacted me was that we have become a nation of people who don’t replace broken things; rather, we upgrade to newer things. 

We don’t wear things out before we replace them. We don’t maximize what we already have.

Wherever you’re doing ministry right now, wear it out before you try to replace it or expand on it.

That means three services on Sunday, and there’s still a need to schedule another Sunday or Saturday night service. 

The reason for this is critical mass!

People won’t involve themselves in the solution to a problem they don’t have.

Critical mass in your current facility will help everyone become involved in the problem and give you leverage for involvement and buy-in to find a solution.

If people in your church don’t think you need a building, you’ve got a tough road ahead. So pack those pews baby!

Here are a few questions to answer before you take off.

• Is your worship area space maxed out?

• Are you celebrating in at least two services each week, if not more?

• Are you turning away parents with children because you’re out of space?

• Are people driving into your parking lot or walking into the church and turning right back out again because they can’t find a parking space or a place to sit?

Any or all of these problems can form the basis for creating a compelling reason for a new building. 

Again, when people experience the pain of a problem, they often want to become involved in finding the solution.

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