For a thorough explanation of how you can use video to cast vision, train volunteers, reach lost people in your community, and grow your church … watch the video above.

10 Ways to Use Video to Grow Your Church

  1. Become a Real Person to People. The more real you become to the people in your community, the more likely they will come see you at your church services.
  2. As Invitations to Your Services. You are preparing sermons and series to deliver to your church. But your community doesn’t know what’s coming. Why not use short videos to prepare your people and help invite others to the service?
  3. Follow Up with First Time Attenders. So you spend a lot of energy getting people to come to your church for the first time. And yet those first-timers don’t receive enough (or in some cases, any) follow up. Why not use a brief video the Tuesday following the service to acknowledge and appreciate first time attenders?
  4. As a Sermon Call to Action Follow Up. What action did you ask your people to take at the close of Sunday’s message? You can easily use video as a mid-week reminder of that call to action and to keep in touch with your people. If it was important enough to preach about on Sunday, it deserves some mid-week love. Use video to extend your influence outside of the Sunday sermon.
  5. For Volunteer Recruiting. Trying to drive people into volunteer positions in your church? If you’re preaching on Sunday about volunteering, and people indicate interest in a specific area of ministry, you or someone on your team (preferably someone responsible for that ministry area) can shoot a video telling the volunteer prospect what to do next.
  6. For Volunteer Training. Most churches do a miserable job of this. No matter the size. Using video is a great way to pass on best practices for a ministry area. It also helps you communicate WHY it matters.
  7. For Volunteer Appreciation. Use video to thank your volunteers. They are the heartbeat of your church’s ministries. Vision and thanks are the paychecks of volunteers. You can’t overdo vision or thanks when it comes to volunteers. It’s important to remember, when volunteers burn out, they don’t go back to the pew, they go away.
  8. To Promote Big Events. If you follow 24toDouble, you know one of the tenets is to do 4 big events a year. You can easily use video to promote the events. The great thing about video is, if done right, it is shareable. 
  9.  As a Support Piece to Your Stewardship Training. Here’s the tension: some of you feel as though you are pushing the boundaries if you preach on stewardship more than twice a year. But have you thought about using video to make it easier for people to give when they are ready?
  10. To Reinforce the Vision. You cannot reinforce the vision of your church often enough. Vision drips, according to Andy Stanley. You can make video to make that happen. 

If you don’t think you have the technical skills or the equipment to pull this off, here’s some good news.

I’ve created a resource call Church Video Blackbox. And it shows you, step-by-step, how to make video (like the one I shot above) without having a huge budget.