In case you’re new to 24todouble, there is a very clear line distinguishing Jerry and myself, being that Jerry Lawson is the subject matter expert when it comes to church growth and church leadership, and I am the guy that knows how to get the word out to other people what about Jerry does.

I go out and I find people like Jerry that have a message to tell to church. And then partner with them, and with my team, to help get that message out. If you’ve been with us very long you know I’m passionate about pastors and about church growth. 

I love the fact that we had the opportunity to partner with almost 2,600 churches in 24toDouble.

Every month, our 24toDouble members (who are pastors and church leaders just like you!) get the opportunity to join Jerry Lawson and myself on a live Q&A call.

I thought that today I would link you up with the recording of a recent call

I do this because there were some fantastic questions about church growth, health, and ministry from the pastors who are looking to get answers to help them move their church’s mission forward.

Let me be honest about what this Q&A session is, in case I haven’t been clear.

These are real pastors of real churches. And what separates them from most is that they choose to invest in their leadership. 

They show up to these Q&A sessions because it is one more action they can take to move their ministry vision forward. 

And it’s a diverse group on the call.

The first pastor I interacted with describes his church as “conservative Baptist.” His struggles are with leadership roles, volunteering, and church programming.

Another pastor on the call is in St. Petersburg, Florida, is new to 24toDouble, and says his current congegation size is 63.

Then I have Derek, who pastors a Pentecostal church in Chicago. And maybe his church’s story is similar to yours. He has about 100 people attending. 

He has to deal with the complaints from the 75-year olds about the music being too loud. 

Have a listen to this Q&A recording yourself.

And understand this. 

The monthly Q&A is just one of the benefits for church leaders and pastors who invest in their leadership. 

24toDouble is a whole church discipleship model that allows you to raise up the leadership you need to grow your church.