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1. To hear God’s voice …

A lot of you are diving deep into God’s Word as you prepare sermons. But what I am talking about hear is the macro-level hearing God’s voice for you personally … and your ministry.

At least once or twice a year, take a big chunk of time to sit down and truly hear God’s voice about the vision for your life, your ministry, and the organization of your church.

2. To break the cycle of confusion …

Taking time to hear God’s voice helps break the cycle of confusion. We often get stuck we haven’t taken the time to do the one thing to get unstuck—and that is to think.

3. To define what’s working …

Hearing God’s voice helps us to define what is working.  Rather than just compare your church or ministry to the one down the street, take time to write down what is working at your church. This will help you see how God is blessing your church.

4. To realize what’s broken (old wine skin) …

There are (and will be) some new ways of doing church and reaching people that will be very hard to fit into an old way of doing church. Think Facebook Live, Email, etc. In order to pave the way to effective new methods, it’s important to identify the current methods that just don’t work anymore.

5. To know the “One Thing” …

I like Gary Keller’s book The One Thing. The memorable line from that book is: “What’s the one thing that, such being done, makes everything else either easier, or unnecessary?”

Along those lines, I encourage you to ask yourself in your year-end review…

What is the one thing your church can do more of that will cause attendance, giving, and spiritual maturity to go up?

6. To align yourself with the Lord …

Rather than constantly strive to get God in line with what you’re doing, isn’t it better to get yourself back in line with what God is already doing?

A year-end review helps you examine reality. It helps you see what and where and how God is already working so you can partner up with him.

7. To fill the gap between the ministry you’re capable of and the one you’re experiencing …

For most of you, there is a gap between the ministry you’re currently leading, and the one you know God has called you to. And that’s normal, pastor. When you look forward to where God is calling you, there should be a gap. When you look back, you should be in awe.

Doing a year-end review helps you examine the gap and figure out what needs to be done to fill that gap. That way, he can expand your vision for the future.

8. To 10x vision – Only God …

Some of you may think that doubling your church is a lofty goal. And yes, this goal excites me too. In fact 24toDouble is all about helping churches double their growth in two years.

But what if you had a 10X vision for your ministry? In your year-end review, I have this challenge for you … ask the question “What if …”

Thinking 10X will change the way you think about how to go forward.

9. To get on a wall …

Remember the story of Nehemiah? Last year I met with a friend who is a Men’s Ministry Pastor for a large church in the area. As we talked he revealed that he was “on a wall.” I thought, “Am I on a wall?” I had to consider the full weight of what that meant.

So I went back to my house that day and I built a wall.

Here’s what I mean by the wall.

What has God called you to do? That’s your wall. Know what your wall is and climb up and get on it.

10. Rest for your soul – Matthew 11:29 
[29] Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.

Most of the pastors we have the opportunity to serve through 24toDouble are in lack of rest for their soul. They feel the constant pressure to measure up to the people, the churches, the big names in ministry around them.

You need rest for your soul, pastor. If you do nothing else in your year-end review, resolve to get rest for your soul.

10.5 Because Leaders….lead …

If your vision is short—if there’s no gap between where you are and where God is calling you—or if you’re not leading from a place of rest, then you’re not leading, Pastor.

Everything you hope to accomplish depends on your ability to lead.

Here are 24toDouble, we invest in pastors and church leaders just like you. That is the “wall” that we’ve been calling to get on.

So while you take your time to do your year-end review, let me encourage you to get some help